Hello! my name is Kevin and I am from Venezuela. I live in Oregon where I’ve created this website to help in any way possible, here are some examples of things I can do and help with: graphic design, design and development of the website, ads-physical and digital, etc.

I am creative and hardworking when it comes to any type of work.

For 3 years I worked in a studio where I got most of my experiences with design, for 6 months as I moved to Oregon with an amazing opportunity, when I moved I worked making mug apparels and stickers.

I worked for 3 years in a digital press, where I gained a lot of experience with all print media as a designer and machinery operator. I was also a freelance front-end programmer. For 6 months, I moved to Oregon, with the fortune of earning a Diversity Visa, and as soon as I arrive, I work in a Design post on weekends developing Apparels mug and Stickers.

I am currently working as a designer in a Magazine, and, i’m associated with Consilium Creative Studio developing websites.

In my country I also worked as a teacher for one of their Elective classes which was called “Identity of design”.

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